About Us

From a nameless group of DIY enthusiasts to one of the best acclaimed IEM brands in the world, THIEAUDIO has made an incredible journey in the pursuit of high-fidelity audio.

THIEAUDIO has become a staple brand in audiophile communities around the world, beloved for its best-in-class tunings, superb technical performances, and budget-friendly pricing.

Made in China
Located in Shenzhen.

  • High Quality

    We test each of our products individually before
    packaging to ensure quality control.

  • Affordable

    Our goal is to provide the highest quality
    products at the best price.

  • Expertly Tuned

    Our team of experts is dedicated to bringing top-notch
    gear to life with the finest tuning.

Renowned for crafting high-fidelity earphones and headphones, THIEAUDIO seamlessly blends premium design with unparalleled sound quality, setting a new standard for audio excellence.

From the start, the THIEAUDIO team has put audio quality at the forefront of each project, aiming to be the Robin Hood of the audio world by bringing the best sounding audio solutions at the most affordable prices. Since its launch in 2019, THIEAUDIO’s legacy of in-ear monitors has forever changed the world of IEM’s, influencing how global manufacturers of earphones engineer their products. THIEAUDIO’s international team of few, but dedicated engineers from China and South Korea are committed to continuing this legacy by creating innovative, yet affordable, audio solutions that will leave you in awe.

Worldwide Shipping

We offer Standard and Express Shipping Worldwide.

1 Year Warranty

For In-Ear Monitors and Headphones.

6 Month Warranty

For Earphone & Headphone Cables.

Online Support

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