THIEAUDIO V16 Divinity
The Pinnacle of In-Ear Monitors   With 16 Knowles and Sonion balanced armatures in each side, the V16 Divinity stands as not only Thieaudio’s summit of technical innovation, but also as one of the world’s most capable in-ear monitors. We...
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THIEAUDIO Voyager 14
Thieaudio Voyager 14 3… 2… 1… LIFT OFF! Named after the famed Voyager 14 deep space probe, we designed our flagship in ear monitor with the aim of stretching the boundaries to what professional monitoring devices can and should be...
Sold Out
Ground Control to Major Tom As with its elder brother, the Voyager 14, the inspiration for a more affordable in ear monitor came from our aspirations to set new bars as to what professional earphones can achieve. By optimizing the...
from $159.00
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