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The Original Monitor Tuning, Remastered

The original THIEAUDIO Oracle was a benchmark in tuning when it came to mimicking the tonal balance of professional studio monitors. With its absolutely flat and neutral midrange, near perfect treble curvature that compensates for the acoustics of the human ear canal, and a dedicated sub-bass woofer, the Oracle stood as one of the few, if not only, in-ear monitors that could be described as truly a reference monitor. The Oracle was the Mecca for audiophiles and audio engineers requiring perfect tonal accuracy and precision. The all-new Oracle MKII is the next evolutionary step in high-fidelity audio.

Three driver types, Three-way Crossover

The Oracle MKII features tribrid speaker technology, integrating an all new 10mm liquid crystal polymer (LCP) dynamic driver, 2 Knowles balanced armature drivers, and 2 Sonion electrostatic (EST) ultra-treble tweeters. These five drivers are integrated using a three-way crossover, in which the frequency range of each driver is divided according to their best specifications. Our passive crossover solution minimizes the total harmonic distortion (THD), ensures the best performance from each driver type, and maximizes the clarity of every note across the whole frequency spectrum.

Dedicated Sub-Bass Woofer

While the original Oracle featured a minimal sub-bass response, we wanted to enhance the punchyness and impact of the sub-bass while maintaining the Oracle-esque neutral midrange. The Oracle MKII has been fitted with a new 10mm LCP dynamic driver. The LCP diaphragm has a much stronger surface tension compared to the previous generation of polycarbonate diaphragms utilized in the original Oracle. This translates to faster driver speed, allowing for increases in the power of the sub-bass, while preventing bleed into the lows and mids. Through improvements in the sub-bass woofer, the Oracle MKII benefits from 62.5% increase in the core sub-bass frequencies (measured at 60Hz) - all while having a neutral midrange in the 200Hz~1kHz band.

Monitor-Neutral Mids

The soul of the Oracle is monitor-capability. The Oracle MKII stays faithful to this foundation by retaining its near ruler-flat midrange in the 200Hz~1kHz frequency region. Most in-ear monitors add color to the sound by failing to properly crossover the bass and mid-treble drivers, resulting in a bloated and muddy midrange. This fault is corrected in the Oracle MKII by implementing a mathematically calculated and electrically engineered crossover solution that precisely cuts the dynamic driver off right as the balanced armature starts. The mids of the Oracle MKII are powered by the same dual Knowles balanced armature drivers featured in the Monarch MKII. By delivering an uncolored and neutral midrange, your music will finally sound as the studio engineers intended it to. And for the studio engineers themselves, the Oracle MKII is among the very very few IEM’s that will tonally mimic your studio monitors.

Ultra-Treble, Unlocked

The benefit of the Sonion electrostatic (EST) drivers is the enhanced ultra-treble frequency delivery. However, many manufacturers fail to properly integrate the low sensitivity of these drivers into their IEM’s, resulting in barely audible improvements. THIEAUDIO has always been known for their exquisite utilization of the EST driver, delivering actual treble extensions that can be experienced. The Oracle MKII is no exception, featuring one of the best ultra-treble extensions in not only THIEAUDIO history, but among all manufacturers globally. Our calculated integration of the EST driver fully enhances the frequency spectrum to 40kHz, with audible improvements in detail, air, speed.

One hallmark feature of the EST driver (and the way you can tell it is properly integrated) is its unique timbre. While typical balanced armature tweeters produce a plastic-like textural quality in the treble, EST drivers have the potential to produce a more transparent, almost metallic characteristic that results in a sparkly brilliance. The Oracle MKII has been retuned to better shine this characteristic. Almost immediately, improvements in detail retrieval, shimmer, and air can be noticed when comparing the original Oracle with the MKII. The Oracle MKII is the ultimate reference tool for those needing to hear every micro-detail in the music without any unnatural harshness or shrillness.

Better Ergonomics

Intended for long sessions on the stage and in the studio, the physical size of the Oracle MKII has been reduced for a more comfortable and secure fit inside the ears. Constructed from imported medical-grade UV resin, the Oracle MKII is durable, comfortable, and free of allergens or irritants.

Upgraded Custom Cable

The Oracle MKII comes standard with THIEAUDIO’s new and improved modular cable, allowing easy plug swapping between 3.5mm, 4.4mm, and 2.5mm jacks. This 4 strand 7N oxygen-free copper cable is constructed using one of the highest qualities of copper wires, and will ensure a clear audio transmission.


From a nameless group of DIY enthusiasts to one of the best acclaimed brands in the world of in-ear monitors today, THIEAUDIO has made an incredible journey in the pursuit of high-fidelity audio. THIEAUDIO has become a staple brand in audiophile communities around the world, beloved for its best-in-class tunings, superb technical performances, and budget-friendly pricing. From the start, the THIEAUDIO team has put audio quality at the forefront of each project, aiming to be the Robin Hood of the audio world by bringing the best sounding audio solutions at the most affordable prices. Since its launch in 2019, THIEAUDIO’s legacy of in-ear monitors has forever changed the world of IEM’s, influencing how global manufacturers of earphones engineer their products. THIEAUDIO’s original team of few, but dedicated engineers are committed to continuing this legacy by creating innovative, yet affordable, audio solutions that will leave you in awe.

Technical Details
10mm DD + Sonion & Knowles BA + Sonion EST
Driver Impedance
Driver Sensitivity
100dB @1kHz
Cable Specifications
26AWG 5N OCC Silver Plated Litz Cable
Cable Plug Type
Modular System 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4,mm
Cable Length
1.2 Meters

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jacob J.

Amazing sound for the price!

Mario J.

So, my journey has been a progressive one indeed. I’ve gone from the ultimate ears, Westones, Sennheiser’s, moondrop kato,final audio b3 and blessing 2 dusk throughout my life for IEMs. This is my first Thieaudio brand though. My moondrop dusk was suppose to my last stop for the next couple of years but the driver just failed out the blue after being babied for for a year and 1/2. And so walking into Audio46 in New York introduced me to the Thieaudio world. I finally got a chance to hear earphones live before deciding which to buy and when I heard the Oracle MK2, it captured my interest and stood out faster than any of the others, especially after hearing the EST drivers kick in on my tracks. It was like treble was finally done right and timbre was finally more real than all others before. Loved the sub bass and mids with the richness I crave. And so I picked them and am very thankful for the ability and the blessings in my life to be able to. The quality of the build all the way down to the cable itself and the different connection ability it gives you to use is so welcoming. I also really appreciate the box having the picture of the earphone on them instead of the all black box on the original Oracle. Taking the time out to do this right means more to me.

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